7 scenes from fictitious films

Anna picks up a flower from the street that was dropped by Mercedes.

Natalie looking through the window at the rain, waiting for something to happen.

A boy expecting his mother to appear at the door of the detention room.

A girl in a red coat on a frosty morning, running the the forest.

Natalie in a dress with a blunt knife in her hand.

Men shouting loudly in a bar about football while a woman sits quietly in the corner reading Lorca

Falling into bed after a long night, only then did she remember that she was married.

just an idea

It's been a long time.
The things i have done since December 09 i could write on the back of your hand, or over every page of every book you own
(depending on the detail)

If i am an idea then i pull against gravity
I travel on the trains that takes me furthest away

I moved house
Someone died
The walls shook
I grew my hair out
I stopped eating fish
I got a job and lost it

I can't stop moving.

a tale, a lie, Natalie